Aug 04 2015

Dr. Michael Engel

I was born and grew up in a small town in Iowa. Throughout high school and college I knew I would go into the biological sciences. My first thought was marine biology but going to school in the middle of the country wasn’t conducive to that dream. I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Zoology and no clear idea of what I wanted to do or where to go. I decided to try to get work at a zoo, so I wrote over one hundred letters to zoos all over the English speaking world. I received a few responses saying I was either over or under qualified; but finally Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina gave me an interview, and hired me as a zookeeper of the big cats and bears. Working there I came to appreciate the beauty, grace, and power of these magnificent animals. I also was able to watch a local veterinarian work on the injured and sick and decided this is what I wanted to do. It was back to Iowa State for a year of prerequisites. After another year at Riverbanks Zoo, I was accepted to both Iowa State and the University of Georgia Schools of Veterinary Medicine. I had come to love the South so I decided on the University of Georgia. After graduation I worked in the Atlanta area for nine years with a veterinarian who in addition to cats and dogs worked on a significant number of birds and exotic pets. In 1989 my good friend and classmate, Dr. Randy Pinkleton, called and asked if I wanted to partner with him in a new clinic in the Richmond area; that started a partnership between Dr. Pinkleton and myself in two clinics over the next twenty two years. In 2014, I retired, but when Dr. Pinkleton purchased Powhatan Animal Hospital he asked me to set my retirement aside and help out during the transition. I agreed to help out for two months only, but during the two months I enjoyed working with the staff, clients, and patients so much that I decided to stay on part time. Dr. Larrick had built up a top notch hospital over the years and now adding equipment such as new digital X-ray, in house laboratory, dental unit, etc., etc. and remodeling facilities, and expanding hours, has allowed the hospital to continue to progress even more. It has allowed us as veterinarians to provide even more for our clients and their pets. I know there will be even more things to come and it is exciting to be part of a team working to ensure the best care for our clients and their beloved pets here in Powhatan.
Thank you,
Dr. Michael Engel

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