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    The staff was very friendly and helpful as usual. The updated facilities are lovely.~~Karen Gesell-Goetz

    By far the best vet I’ve ever been to!~~Jennifer Milam

    Very pleased with the service and the whole staff. Thanks. Special thanks to Dr. Pinkleton. His concern and compassion showed for my pet was second to none. Please tell him Zach passed the towel, but some how he got a hold of a de-boned baked Chicken. Seems to be passing. What next ? ~~Harry Saferight

    I just needed a progesterone test done. I was given a same day appointment and there was almost no wait. I was pleased~~Bob/Beth Ritchie

    We were so pleased, we would like to transfer our dog to you all:)~~ Julie Mugford

    We were very pleased with Morgan Menasco~~ Laura Showalter

    I was there during am emergency. It would have been considerate to have been told instead of letting me wonder. it was a wait time of
    45 minutes before I was seen. I understand emergencies, it was ok, had no pressing schedule THAT day. 100% ~~Sandi Munari

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    Dear Dr. Floyd,

    Thank you very much for treating our precious dog, Annie, on June 12. It was nice for me, and for her, to meet you for the first time.

    I apologize that it is not handwritten on a nice note card.

    You did an excellent job of communicating clearly with me, so that I could comprehend what you were saying throughout our visit. Annie and I also liked
    the TLC you showed her.

    My husband says that the University of Georgia has one of the best veterinary schools in the country. I am not surprised that you graduated from there.
    You are very smart. Your treatment of Annie’s diarrhea was spot on. She responded quickly to the medicines you prescribed, and was well by the next evening.
    That was when I meant to write to you.

    My husband and I both appreciated you following up with a phone call. That was very nice and caring of you.

    We had really liked Dr. Larrick and had seen him for 25 or more years, and were apprehensive about how things would change after he retired. We have been
    very pleased with the care you and the other vets have given us, and we like the changes to the building, such as the lovely waiting room. I hope you have
    found your niche.

    Annie says “thank you, Dr. Floyd,” and John does, too. We hope you are enjoying your new post. Your work is a ministry to animals and their families! 🙂 I
    hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.


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    Appreciated the follow up phone call~~Jim and Sandy Stegner

    I really value the affordable prices.~~Ashley Howle

    we have been looking for a new vet we are so happy we tried you all you are our new vet thanks.~~Brian Groom

    I live 12 miles from your practice and have many vets in my area but none of them will ever be as good as your practice. You guys Rock!!! You all take wonderful care of my pugs Gizmo, Molly and Bear and my cat Layla. I’m also extremely impressed with the awesome, caring, knowledgable office staff.~~Dawn Babcock

    There have been some upgrades in the waiting area and landscaping , but all very pleasing. Staff is most helpful. I feel that the interests in my pets is truly genuine. I hope to continue with you in the future.~~anonymous

    Diana is the most helpful and friendliest person ever. She has always been my go to person for the welfare concerns for my pets. She actually volunteered to come help me get my dog in the car. My dog had surgery twice and is very fearful of the vet now. She was so helpful and I was glad she did not have to get involved~~John and Carrie Page

    Wonderful clinic. It’s a keeper.~~Jane Hopkin

    Our family has been with Powhatan Animal Hospital for 20 years and several animals. The doctors and staff have always taken great care of us…through good times and compassionate in sad.~~Donna Hall

    Excellent. From the Powhatan pet community at large, rumblings of discomfort over Dr. Larrick’s decision to retire. We have no worries, just a new tightly run ship that is eager to step in and beyond all expectations.~~Shields Jett

    Thanks for taking OC at the last minute. He is so difficult to catch. Anything to make life easier.~~Joyce Mandarino

    Dear friends, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your kind and compassionate care. Sing-Sings last day was a very difficult and sad experience for me but you guys helped me thru it. I live alone and she was all that I had. Sorry for being so emotional.
    I really appreciate the card you sent, it meant so much to me.
    Thank-you all so much…Don
    ps: there is a new little guy in my life now and I will be making an app’t soon to have him checked out

    1 am very pleased with your service.Thanks~~Linda Richardson

    I chose #5-Excellent for each category, but it was not indicated on my computer! I am so happy to be introduced to Powhatan Animal Hospital, and appreciate the outstanding care given by Dr. Menasco to my pet on our first visit.~~Joan Charles

    great improvements. Thank you.~~Delores Hart

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    Dr. Creasey~In my mind, and in my heart, there is no one who loves their dog or takes better care of their dog than my brother and I. Even with thirteen rotten teeth that wonderful, loving, funny, little dog was always so happy to see me. When I think about the pain she was in, it just destroys me. Thank the good Lord for like you Doc. A person that has the guts, the heart, and the initiative to put 13 teeth. You did what was best for my little dog. I realize that it’s not big thing to you doc, but believe me, it’s a real big thing to me and my brother. Thank you Dr. Creasey! Thank you for looking out for Cricket. With utmost respect and admiration.~~The Spence’s


    Amazing staff and doctors!!!~~Jolie Bonser

    I live 12 miles from your practice and have many vets in my area but none of them will ever be as good as your practice. You guys Rock!!! You all take wonderful care of my pugs Gizmo, Molly and Bear and my cat Layla. I’m also extremely impressed with the awesome, caring, knowledgable office staff.~~Dawn Babcock

    I was unable to confirm my appointment by clicking on your site. Don’t know whether it’s my computer’s fault or what. I was early for my appointment but was taken right in. Yahoooo!~~Marrianne F Miller

    Surprised, but this was the first time we had been given an effective ear treatment plan, and it worked well!~~Patrick Stapleton

    Thank You for your service .The open hours make it easier togged my pets appointments.Staff have always been exceptional.~~Linda Richardson

    I thought everything was great and the place was very clean and everyone was great. I am sad to see your prices have gone up. I have been driving there from Richmond because I have two dogs and I have always thought the prices were very good now that the fees have gone up it might do me as good seeing someone 5 minutes from me. But, I have always loved the service and employees!!~~Gayle Courington

    Wonderful clinic. It’s a keeper.~~Jane Hodkin

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    I love Powhatan Animal Clinic! It’s were my parents brought our animals when I was growing up and where I have continued to bring my own fur-babies as an adult on my own. I’m also very excitedly waiting for the opening of their new grooming facility next door!   ~~Christine Moore

    Dr. M is very professional and takes time to explain things. She is very compassionate and i am glad she is my vet .~~Ernie Moxley

    I am very excited about all the new changes………I could not be more happier.
    Thank you
    ~~ Rose Semanco

    Diane is such a friendly valued person on the front desk…she is your ambassador….she is Powhatan Animal Hospital~~John Ficklin


    To be honest, I was a little nervous about the new ownership so really didn’t know what to expect. I was really impressed with the staff and new owner. I feel like everyone took the time to ensure that I received the best level of customer service, which is important. I feel that he took the time to listen to what had been going on and understand what Diesel has been through and he explained in detail what his thoughts were, very honest, professional but still feels like a family business. I honestly believe that this was the best experience that I have had since going to Powhatan Animal Hospital. I think he cares for the animals and he seems to be providing an excellent level of service but also ensuring that the cost is kept at an affordable rate, which is nice to see. Thank everyone at Powhatan Animal Hospital for making the transition a positive experience. ~~Rhonda Wiater

    I admit, I was worried about a new organization and Doctors. Now let me say that Dr Menasco and Dr Pinkleton are fantastic. Also Dr Menasco is by far the best looking.~~Harry Saferight

    I was very happy with my visit and how the staff handle my daughter’s sweet rabbit Chuzzy. He came in to be neutered and he had a very large mass that was also removed, Dr. Pinkleton did a great job explaining all the risk with anesthesia and his possible out come with having a tumor, but he had very positive attitude and insured me he would do everything possible to help my sweet Chuzzy. The staff was very sweet and patient with me, I asked for mutable updates while he was there and each time I got a very sweet and detailed update. Chuzzy says THANK YOU!!~~Rachel Marshall