Client Letter

Dear Dr. Floyd,

Thank you very much for treating our precious dog, Annie, on June 12. It was nice for me, and for her, to meet you for the first time.

I apologize that it is not handwritten on a nice note card.

You did an excellent job of communicating clearly with me, so that I could comprehend what you were saying throughout our visit. Annie and I also liked
the TLC you showed her.

My husband says that the University of Georgia has one of the best veterinary schools in the country. I am not surprised that you graduated from there.
You are very smart. Your treatment of Annie’s diarrhea was spot on. She responded quickly to the medicines you prescribed, and was well by the next evening.
That was when I meant to write to you.

My husband and I both appreciated you following up with a phone call. That was very nice and caring of you.

We had really liked Dr. Larrick and had seen him for 25 or more years, and were apprehensive about how things would change after he retired. We have been
very pleased with the care you and the other vets have given us, and we like the changes to the building, such as the lovely waiting room. I hope you have
found your niche.

Annie says “thank you, Dr. Floyd,” and John does, too. We hope you are enjoying your new post. Your work is a ministry to animals and their families! 🙂 I
hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.


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