Client Reviews

Dr. Creasey~In my mind, and in my heart, there is no one who loves their dog or takes better care of their dog than my brother and I. Even with thirteen rotten teeth that wonderful, loving, funny, little dog was always so happy to see me. When I think about the pain she was in, it just destroys me. Thank the good Lord for like you Doc. A person that has the guts, the heart, and the initiative to put 13 teeth. You did what was best for my little dog. I realize that it’s not big thing to you doc, but believe me, it’s a real big thing to me and my brother. Thank you Dr. Creasey! Thank you for looking out for Cricket. With utmost respect and admiration.~~The Spence’s


Amazing staff and doctors!!!~~Jolie Bonser

I live 12 miles from your practice and have many vets in my area but none of them will ever be as good as your practice. You guys Rock!!! You all take wonderful care of my pugs Gizmo, Molly and Bear and my cat Layla. I’m also extremely impressed with the awesome, caring, knowledgable office staff.~~Dawn Babcock

I was unable to confirm my appointment by clicking on your site. Don’t know whether it’s my computer’s fault or what. I was early for my appointment but was taken right in. Yahoooo!~~Marrianne F Miller

Surprised, but this was the first time we had been given an effective ear treatment plan, and it worked well!~~Patrick Stapleton

Thank You for your service .The open hours make it easier togged my pets appointments.Staff have always been exceptional.~~Linda Richardson

I thought everything was great and the place was very clean and everyone was great. I am sad to see your prices have gone up. I have been driving there from Richmond because I have two dogs and I have always thought the prices were very good now that the fees have gone up it might do me as good seeing someone 5 minutes from me. But, I have always loved the service and employees!!~~Gayle Courington

Wonderful clinic. It’s a keeper.~~Jane Hodkin

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