Client Reviews


I love Powhatan Animal Clinic! It’s were my parents brought our animals when I was growing up and where I have continued to bring my own fur-babies as an adult on my own. I’m also very excitedly waiting for the opening of their new grooming facility next door!   ~~Christine Moore

Dr. M is very professional and takes time to explain things. She is very compassionate and i am glad she is my vet .~~Ernie Moxley

I am very excited about all the new changes………I could not be more happier.
Thank you
~~ Rose Semanco

Diane is such a friendly valued person on the front desk…she is your ambassador….she is Powhatan Animal Hospital~~John Ficklin


To be honest, I was a little nervous about the new ownership so really didn’t know what to expect. I was really impressed with the staff and new owner. I feel like everyone took the time to ensure that I received the best level of customer service, which is important. I feel that he took the time to listen to what had been going on and understand what Diesel has been through and he explained in detail what his thoughts were, very honest, professional but still feels like a family business. I honestly believe that this was the best experience that I have had since going to Powhatan Animal Hospital. I think he cares for the animals and he seems to be providing an excellent level of service but also ensuring that the cost is kept at an affordable rate, which is nice to see. Thank everyone at Powhatan Animal Hospital for making the transition a positive experience. ~~Rhonda Wiater

I admit, I was worried about a new organization and Doctors. Now let me say that Dr Menasco and Dr Pinkleton are fantastic. Also Dr Menasco is by far the best looking.~~Harry Saferight

I was very happy with my visit and how the staff handle my daughter’s sweet rabbit Chuzzy. He came in to be neutered and he had a very large mass that was also removed, Dr. Pinkleton did a great job explaining all the risk with anesthesia and his possible out come with having a tumor, but he had very positive attitude and insured me he would do everything possible to help my sweet Chuzzy. The staff was very sweet and patient with me, I asked for mutable updates while he was there and each time I got a very sweet and detailed update. Chuzzy says THANK YOU!!~~Rachel Marshall

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